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7th September 2020 by Elle

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Sit tight – new pricing coming in July 2024!!

We have several membership packages available to holiday rental owners who wish to advertise their properties on this website. We do not charge commission – the only money required is whatever your chosen package costs.

Once registered, the packages listed below are available to activate via the Owner Dashboard. Instructions for this process is on the Owners Help Page.

For owners, we’d like to think our pricing is a no brainer!

Adding one listing onto Spain Buddy costs just €30 per year – no commissions, no hidden costs. Compare that pricing to the ‘well known rentals sites’ and even with just one property added, you save hundreds of Euros per year! Consider multiple properties and that becomes thousands saved each year!

Even more relevantly – ALL our site users are specifically looking for holiday rentals in Spain.

We also can’t put a price on the personal service you’ll get if you need our help!

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2 properties


3 properties


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7 properties


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10 properties


11 to 20 properties


21 to 30 properties


31 to 40 properties


41 to 50 properties


50+ properties?

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